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color matching of the project: mainly log color and white, with freehand blue ornament


design concept: show the sustainable environmental protection concept of designers and educators with simple design, and bring the warm feeling of children home at the same time.


design theme: to make the whole space into a huge toy, so that children can explore, explore and create their own interesting space and vivid experience without restraint and spontaneously.


design goal: respect each child's natural essence, let children grow their own unique fruits in the natural environment.




exploration and sports area is the key area of children's park. in this open, bright and pleasant activity area, it can accommodate a variety of motion modes: pure motion mode, tactile sense mode, and quiet mode. on the one hand, you can run around the column freely and play hide and seek; on the other hand, you can also quiet down and enter the classroom or library to observe the "flying" books, birds and clouds in the space. it's not only a kindergarten, but also a transition from home to the outside world. it's a space container for their childlike innocence and interest.

我们特别打造了一间酷酷的阁楼衔接着二楼与大厅的无语,成为儿童的游戏区,就犹如月球与地球的对话一般。 we have created a cool attic connecting the second floor and the hall. it becomes a children's play area, just like the dialogue between the moon and the earth.

育兰童书馆是一座隐秘在森林之中的“水晶”构筑物,孩子们通过拱形的大门会寻到属于自己的神秘空间,发现一个温暖丰富的世界,它暗藏了可供嬉戏的机关与洞穴,蔚蓝的天空可可以俯瞰的星空、这是孩子们自己的世界。 yulan children's library is a "crystal" structure hidden in the forest. children will find their own mysterious space through the arched door, and find a warm and rich world. it hides the organs and caves for playing. the blue sky can overlook the starry sky, which is the children's own world.

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